Kim Kardashian and the “Marie Antoinette” Complex

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Entertainment
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By now everyone and their mama has heard about the dissolution of the marital farce of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Normally, I wouldn’t entertain this any further than a sarcastic chuckle and shake of my head. Because who didn’t see this coming?..Seriously?

But, after talking to a friend who is a “fan” of everything Kardashian and was ever so heartbroken (Lawd Jesus why, I don’t know); I really sat and thought about what this says about this country, this society. The unbalance of it all. Never mind the fact that the civil rights of Non-Heterosexual Americans are denied continuously, or slow to be given in most cases, but the fact that two people can enter into and make a complete mockery of what some view as a sacred covenant speaks volumes. Are we in such of a need of entertainment? Are we that hungry to live vicariously for a few hours through people who have no real talent, and have not really worked for anything in their lives? What are we showing when it is clear that a person can become famous for a lazy, mediocre blowjob and a well-endowed booty?

Kim and her family have continuously displayed what I dub the “Marie Antoinette”-complex…ya know “let them eat cake.” and what not. Yes, flaunt an obscene wedding that wasn’t paid for out of your own pockets, exhibit the narcissism and greed (Mama Jenner got a facelift for this) while these companies could have done more good for the world by actually donating to charities or hey I don’t know maybe making sure they take care of their employees or even..gee, I don’t know, actually creating more jobs?

If you break it down, this marriage was about $652.00 per minute… $10.90 per second. Minimum wage is now at $7.25 per hour. That’s close to $300 per week; per year it’s about $15,080, maybe a little more.  Does anyone realize that this chick has been paid the average salary of about 2,000 people making MINIMUM WAGE?

I’m sure some would read this (if at all) and think that I am “hating” on this chick. And I’m not, as I stated before, this just really displays the mindless nature of this country. Our double-standards and the importance of inconsequential and trivial things. A place where our children being taught that morals and ethics  can and should go out the window for the highest dollar. To not honor your verbal and emotional commitments, just end the game when you’re done playing dress up.

After this bullshit, perhaps it’s time for people to do like the French did after Marie Antoinette snubbed and rubbed in their faces, and get enraged, get a brain and start boycotting Kim K and people like her. Stop making mediocrity a desirable career path and rewarding .

Off with her head!! (not literally though.)

  1. We’re very very much alike in our thoughts, I pondered on this topic for a few minutes yesterday as I was in complete disbelief that a nation of people could be so preoccupied by something so blatantly trivial. And as far as hate is concerned, i’m not sure if you saw my status on that topic, but maybe you can expand on it similar to the great job you’ve done on this one. I’m rarely ever this proud after reading anyone’s writings, I salute you.

  2. kurt lutz says:

    Kim khardasian is america’s Marie antionette. She has the same beliefs and treats the average American as a servant. She is what is wrong with this country. She and her people are of the stratum that believe they deserve the world and the rest are servants to them. Let her fate be the same as the queen she reveres!

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