MsSarcasm Rant: If I Hear About Blue Ivy One Mo’ Gat Damn Time….

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Entertainment, Music, Social Media What The Fuckery

Yes, yes fucking yes I know. Jay-Z and Beyoncé had a baby. Congratulations, kudos, mazel fucking tov. And after hearing the song where it was revealed that she’s suffered a miscarriage before, from a personal aspect I can understand that pain but that’s pretty much where I draw the line. Enough about it. It’s a wonderful thing having a baby, I popped mine out almost 11 years ago and sometimes I’m still in awe that my uterus was in working condition. What I don’t understand is why THIS warrants front page news in various newspapers. Why is that a woman having a child is enough for people to give more various opinions than they do for any other important event that calls for more attention and discussing. For the past few days whether it’s on Facebook, the news, the neighbors, all I’m hearing about or reading is Blue Ivy, Jay-Z, Beyonce..blah blah fucking blah.

In addition to the media circus, there is the bitching about the name. So what? Show me a celebrity who gives their child a name that is normal and I’ll show you a virgin that doesn’t know how to give hand jobs. I don’t care about it. What I do care about are the allegations that have also been made that the personal security of this couple made an issue with a father going to see his own children and wife and having his own family members removed from the waiting room. If it’s true, then it’s  disgusting. And that would be the type of entitlement that annoys me about people and their thinking process. Being a celebrity does not make a person better than any others, and if it was that deep then a home birth should have been scheduled.  But I digress, the real question is why are we so engrossed in the lives of these celebrities that it seems  we can’t function or damn near get into arguments with each others various opinions?  I’ve observed people getting all butt hurt and willing to go to bat for this couple more so than they would their own family. Even having to read about some fuckwad who stabbed someone for not knowing they were married, why?? Did the question involve a money prize of a million or so? (’cause that would be the only way you could justify that type of  to me)  What does it say about our morals and values? Why are we so ready to be up in arms and go bat shit crazy for something that is done everyday?

As aforementioned, I am not heartless and can sympathize with her having a miscarriage and now being the proud mama to a baby. But I’m not about to be all up in her uterus about it. It’s a story that’s been happening since civilization was created (or evolved for those who want to be picky). Man+Woman=Baby. Period. I care not about the monetary value of this couple, or her worth as an heiress. As a human being I am glad that she arrived into this world safely, as a thinking person I can give two fucks about it. If that makes me a “hater” to some then so be it.  There are more important things in the world.

Let me perfectly blunt: In the daily struggles and circumstances of your life, these people do not know you and do not give a fuck about you. Little philanthropic causes here and there, what are they doing for anyone? Are they making charitable donations to a family in need? Are they paying anyone’s bills? If so then fine, champion them from the rooftop, but if not then shut up about it already.


  1. This is beyond awesome. That is all.

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