MsSarcasm’s Poisoned Pen is exactly that, a venue for the writer to put her own personal spin on and about life, entertainment,news, or just whatever the hell she feels like during that day, or week, or month..you get the picture. If you cringe at strong language, shudder at profanity, clutch your pearls at talks of sex and overall debauchery, and don’t really understand that she has a sick, twisted sense of humor and will more than likely make inappropriate jokes, then stop here. She won’t be mad. Some shit just ain’t for everyone.

Ms. Sarcasm is a delightful overly grown lass from the Bronx, NY.  with an 11-year-old that she affectionately calls the Former Uterus Tenant. She gets her kicks from the every day ironies life can bring and is perfectly happy with being dysfunctional in a healthy manner. Some might call her a curmudgeon. Some might call her bitchy. Take your pick. She can take it.

Ms. Sarcasm doesn’t…give a fuck. Seriously. She spends most of her time wondering how she could give less of a fuck than she did the day before. Not that she doesn’t care about people and the going ons of the world. She doesn’t give a fuck about conforming. She doesn’t give a fuck about the attempts of those who try to downgrade her, insult her character, integrity or intelligence. She knows who she is and is quite comfortable with it. She’s just that fucking cool with herself.

Ms. Sarcasm is….pretty nice, as long as you are. She can be quite respectful and actually likes to delve into the minds of people and debate and express ideas and opinions. She only asks that you be respectful. Otherwise get ready for a verbal tongue-lashing

Ms. Sarcasm lives…in the social media world. She has a rather unhealthy Facebook habit, can’t really be bothered with Twitter, and is constantly on the lookout for more entertaining sites. She recognizes what the world has evolved into communication and sharing. And she highly enjoys seeing the various errors people make on the internet.

Ms. Sarcasm curses…a lot. She really does think that “fuck” is a noun. But don’t dismiss it as it being that she doesn’t have a superb command on vernacular and syntax. She just chooses to be herself at all times, writing in the same way that she would speak among friends.

Ms. Sarcasm is….honored that you took a moment to read this blog and hopes you enjoy it and leave a comment.

  1. twistnpout says:

    Love your blog! Can’t say hip hop is my all time favorite genre, but I totally get what you are saying about the ‘youth of today” having lost touch with the true spirit and essence of what the movement was all about. Anyone with an appreciation of music should be able to appreciate the true roots of hip hop. Laughed out loud at your description of the boom box – I got a part time job in order to have a steady supply of those damn batteries on hand.
    And the Kardashian piece… RIGHT ON. Your breakdown comparison of the cost of the wedding to 20 people making minimum wage was brilliant.

    And excellent writing too by the way. hope I can write as good as you some day.(lol)
    But you don’t give a f**k anyway, right?

    Well – good luck, keep up the great work and hope to read more from you in the future.

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