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Yes, yes fucking yes I know. Jay-Z and Beyoncé had a baby. Congratulations, kudos, mazel fucking tov. And after hearing the song where it was revealed that she’s suffered a miscarriage before, from a personal aspect I can understand that pain but that’s pretty much where I draw the line. Enough about it. It’s a wonderful thing having a baby, I popped mine out almost 11 years ago and sometimes I’m still in awe that my uterus was in working condition. What I don’t understand is why THIS warrants front page news in various newspapers. Why is that a woman having a child is enough for people to give more various opinions than they do for any other important event that calls for more attention and discussing. For the past few days whether it’s on Facebook, the news, the neighbors, all I’m hearing about or reading is Blue Ivy, Jay-Z, Beyonce..blah blah fucking blah.

In addition to the media circus, there is the bitching about the name. So what? Show me a celebrity who gives their child a name that is normal and I’ll show you a virgin that doesn’t know how to give hand jobs. I don’t care about it. What I do care about are the allegations that have also been made that the personal security of this couple made an issue with a father going to see his own children and wife and having his own family members removed from the waiting room. If it’s true, then it’s  disgusting. And that would be the type of entitlement that annoys me about people and their thinking process. Being a celebrity does not make a person better than any others, and if it was that deep then a home birth should have been scheduled.  But I digress, the real question is why are we so engrossed in the lives of these celebrities that it seems  we can’t function or damn near get into arguments with each others various opinions?  I’ve observed people getting all butt hurt and willing to go to bat for this couple more so than they would their own family. Even having to read about some fuckwad who stabbed someone for not knowing they were married, why?? Did the question involve a money prize of a million or so? (’cause that would be the only way you could justify that type of  to me)  What does it say about our morals and values? Why are we so ready to be up in arms and go bat shit crazy for something that is done everyday?

As aforementioned, I am not heartless and can sympathize with her having a miscarriage and now being the proud mama to a baby. But I’m not about to be all up in her uterus about it. It’s a story that’s been happening since civilization was created (or evolved for those who want to be picky). Man+Woman=Baby. Period. I care not about the monetary value of this couple, or her worth as an heiress. As a human being I am glad that she arrived into this world safely, as a thinking person I can give two fucks about it. If that makes me a “hater” to some then so be it.  There are more important things in the world.

Let me perfectly blunt: In the daily struggles and circumstances of your life, these people do not know you and do not give a fuck about you. Little philanthropic causes here and there, what are they doing for anyone? Are they making charitable donations to a family in need? Are they paying anyone’s bills? If so then fine, champion them from the rooftop, but if not then shut up about it already.



I am now going to end my opine about why Hip Hop today just in general sucks more than a rookie hooker on her first night. To recap briefly, I laid out a small piece of its histoy, a very infinitesimal piece, in an attempt to make anyone that reads this who is may not really like or know what it is, or was. Now as promised, I’m going to do my own personal psycho-analyzing of everything I feel that is wrong with the music, the videos, the lifestyle in no particular order. Some might agree with me but it’s still just my view.

Mainstream Whoring: Now, I am pretty sure that when it began, no one really thought that Hip Hop would become the $7 billion industry that it is. As aformentioned, even though it was going out to the masses, there was still a purity to it, an untainted quality. People were forming their own record companies and labels, producing and recording their music and getting it out there in their way. Radio stations were playing it, parties and clubs were playing it and people were listening. And that is part of where the problem began. Once upon a time Hip Hop then indeed have something to say, there was a point and a message. The definition of mainstream music is music that is un-threatening, the current thought of the majority. In other words its conforming and pussified. Listening to most music now, it all comes down to an image, sound and what’s hot. It’s then wrapped up in a nice little package and given to be retained and regurgitated. And it’s usually talking about smoking blunts, flashy cars, boats and hoes. Subliminal Mind-fucking 101.

Death of the DJ:  Somewhere, not exactly sure when, (more than likely the 90’s) the DJ was pretty much removed out of the equation of Hip Hop groups and shows. The DJ to me was always one of the most essential parts. I’m not talking about these fuckwads who plug-in their I-pods and Apple computers and click on their playlist of the night. I’m talking about the man (or woman) who went out and bought vinyl records faithfully, and worked on their mixing/matching, scratching and juggling skills. No offense to the likes of DJ Khaled and all the others, but they ain’t shit. Back then they would have been booed off the stage. The artistry, the pure poetry of the art of DJ-ing isn’t fully lost but it’s been repressed, submerged. It is basically what the royal family of England is..a figurehead with no real power.

The Sluttification of the Female EmCee:  The top female rapper (notice I didn’t call her an emcee) is Nicki Minaj, and I’m amazed at the fuckery of it all. I’m sure someone might call me a “hater” but that is far from the case. I’ve actually heard some of her stuff prior to this Barbie/Romanovski or whatever the hell she calls this split-personality, MPD bullshit and I prefer her then as opposed to now.( Not to take away from her success because obviously people are buying into it but, Barbie? Seriously?)  But it really doesn’t even begin with her. It became acceptable for a female artist to take off her clothes more and have less REAL skill. Mediocrity became acceptable and sex became the selling point. Not just Nicki, but Lil Kim, Foxy Brown and all those other ones too, I was never an avid fan of any of them either. And I’m sure I will get some people who might bite my head off about it but, seriously, how many possible ways can you talk about sucking a dick and put it to music? Once upon a time, I grew up with a song called “U.N.I.T.Y” and dared a mofo to call me a bitch. And that was in Junior High School. Today not so the case anymore. I am not saying a woman has to deny her sexuality but is that ALL there is? Women I love/loved to listen to  like Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte, Sha-Rock, Mystic, Jean Grae are no longer the standard but the memory, the “underground” and ways of the old. The motherfucking alternative.

Rapping becoming synonymous with Hip Hop: Ask the average person “What’s the difference between rapping and Hip Hop?” and more than likely you will get the same answer “It’s the same.” But um, no, it is not. Hell no it ‘s not.  KRS-One said “Rap is something you do, Hip Hop is something you live.” and that’s pretty much true. Simple and to the point. Rapping is just one part of Hip Hop, anyone can make words rhyme. Fuck Dr. Seuss did that. Hip Hop on the whole as I said before IS a culture: rhyming, lyricism, dancing, graffiti, the nine. Everything has now been separated like an egg instead of all being apart of the recipe.

Messages of Fuckery: To be blunt… I have no idea what the fuck anyone is really talking about these days. But it all seems to boil down to how many blunts are being smoked, how hot their cars are, how many bitches they have, how many haters they acquire. And none of that is realistic.  To quote Nas “Throw a famous bitch on the hook and there you go with a platinum CD.” (or I-tunes download). It boggles me that artists such as Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, The Roots, Immortal Technique are considered as underground and alternative rap. Even though they are still somewhat successful, they do not really reach the tumultuous popularity of people such as Lil Wayne, Lil B, Lil Bun or whoever the fuck is out. (How many of these “Lil” motherfuckers do we need?). The messages that once encouraged young men and women to educate themselves, read and comprehend, stay AWAY from drugs, carrying guns and acting out violence is now instigated, glorified and perpetuated as real. And kids are eating it up. Five-year-old girls are talking about “Please tell him who the eff I is.” and can stripper pop their booties before they can write their names. Pretty fuckin’ sad.

From Video Model to Video Ho: There was a time when a male Hip Hop artists used women in their videos. They were pretty, sexy, classy and dressed. They weren’t all stripperfied (yes, I know that isn’t an official word) being groped on film. There was a bit of dignity. They were models in a real sense. But again sex sells, right? Who wants to see a woman being sexy , yet, conducting herself in a way conducive to an image of self-respect and intelligent sexuality? That won’t make a video. Coochie poppin’ and five-point stands is what’s needed! Maybe some oiled up legs while grinding and humping the fender of a Maybach with your labia barely covered by a piece of metallic, stretch Lycra to boot.

Dancing: Yep. Dancing. B-Boys and B-Girls. Artists came out with party bangers AND had a dance to go with it. When I grew wasn’t jack shit if you couldn’t do the latest dance and even then the dances had to make some sort of SENSE. The Humpty, The Kid ‘N Play and the like. Dances that were such a work out that if you didn’t leave the floor sweating then we had a problem. But most importantly it made a party fun as hell. Now all you have to do is bend over and get anal probed through your ho-wear. Oh, my mistake..people only post up on the wall and two-step while Summer’s Eve Betty grinds up on them.

While that certainly isn’t all that’s wrong and sucky about the status of Hip Hop, it’s just my view as I said. Pretty sure I could come up with more if thinking about it didn’t depress the shit out of me. And it’s depressing enough. Hip Hop is gone. Hip Hop to me is akin to the one that got away. You didn’t realize what you had until it’s gone and no matter what comes along, it will never be that, it will never give you that “ooh” feeling, never give you that excitement, never give you that “gotta go cop it” feeling. Today’s Hip Hop will never really give you what my Hip Hop gave me….a voice, something to think about, a party and hope.

Now, in continuation of my explanation and opinion of why your hip hop sucks, I decided to kick some knowledge and delve a little deeper into the “what the fuck” situation this genre has become.

Today is the 37th birthday of hip hop. That’s right, kiddies; Hip Hop is now the same age your mom, dad, favorite auntie, anyone you could think of. November is also recognized as Hip Hop History Month, the month of the annual celebration of this anniversary by the Zulu Nation (if you scratched your head, please go read something…seriously.) This day and this month is a celebration of what Hip Hop was and always will be to the enthusiasts: A celebration of a culture, a CULTURE, that  encompassed the elemental components of  emceeing, DJ-ing, graffing (spray-painting if you will) and the dancing styles of breaking, popping & locking and knowledge. KNOWLEDGE, kids.

The father, the daddy, (if it were possible for Hip Hop to have a DNA test, he would be the positive outcome in a Maury episode) of this culture is none other than DJ Kool Herc. No, not Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc (I’ve actually had people try to argue with me on this, so that’s why I’m saying it that way).  This gentleman is credited for taking the ingredients of Soul, Jazz, Funk and Disco, mixing that shit up and putting those ingredients in the oven of  the rec room at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, in the Bronx and becoming one of the people to start a revolution. Time progresses, Afrika, being one of the leaders at the time of the Fraternal Order of the The Black Spades, leaves and forms the Zulu Nation and then helps to spread the name “Hip Hop” as originated by Love Bug Starski.

By the time I entered this world, the seeds of Hip Hop had taken root and was starting to flourish. By its first decade I was around four or five, hanging out with my bigger cousins (or trying to) and soaking it in. Watching the older kids of the block try to spin on their heads on a broken down cardboard box and doing the wop (failed miserably…I had zero rhythm at that time) when someone had their boombox outside. Yeah that’s right, mofos. Boombox. A big ass stereo that took like fifty D batteries and weighed more than a newborn baby in some cases, that damn contraption lived up to its name.

Hip Hop was essentially underground, it was getting out and being played for the masses but it was still pure in a sense. It had yet to be tainted.

“When did you first fall in love with Hip Hop?” : This question seems cheesy but it’s valid. Not too many can really pinpoint and recall. Ask anyone older than me and it might indeed be the first time they went to a block party, rec party and listened to what Kool Herc brought forth from his equipment. It might be the first they heard “Planet Rock” and knew that something was in the air. It might be when they realized that there was a voice coming out that helped to release the anger and frustrations of an economical downturn and other factors. The Bronx, hell, New York was pretty shitty back then, lack of jobs, NYPD were bigger assholes than they are now (no one get their panties in a wad because I am not anti-police, but I can say that some cops are with it.). The youth at that time needed a release. Y’all can’t even understand it, because the youth of today are so babied, spoiled, and Dr. Phil parented, that it’s funny.

Hip Hop when first created was meant to be uplifting, challenging, thought-provoking, raise awareness. It was meant as an avenue for love, unity, having a good fucking time, it was meant to get AWAY from the negativity, not glorify it. What the fuck happened?

Part III…I’m going to psycho-analyze the fuck out of this shit..

Dear young people under 25, ( I might be stretching it here):

A few days ago many of you might have checked your Facebook news feed and Twittery tweets and have seen all of your older relatives posting videos and “R.I.P” in mourning the loss of one of the greatest contributors to the musical genre of hip hop, Dwight “Heavy D” Myers. Maybe some of you have actually been raised to properly appreciate old school music and felt a smidgeon of what we feel. Perhaps some of you just scratched your head in puzzled thought and then took to Google and Youtube and put his name in the search box and took to educating yourselves.

Perhaps you kicked back and listened to songs such as “We Got Our Own Thing”, “Is It Good To You”, “Truthful” and got another glimpse into what people  older than you miss. Hopefully you dug a little deeper and have at least once in your life heard “They Reminisce Over You”  by Pete Rock and CL Smooth (production lyrical gold my dears), hell even songs such as “Candy Rain” and “Every Little Thing I Do” by Soul For Real ( a Skate Key staple back in my time) Maybe you got a little bit of understanding as to why we lament the true death of a genre. Don’t get it twisted, hip hop/rap was  viewed as crappy back then too, the music of the youth is always viewed as shitty. But trust me, the shit that passes as music that ya’ll listen to is REALLY shitty.

Once upon a time, young people, hip hop music was indeed a party. It was a party, thought-inducing, and in general, GOOD. You young fucks don’t know what you were missing. Heavy D was a person who could dance his ass off. He was able to rhyme and present his lyrics in a classy fashion. No profanity, no calling women hoes and bitches, no false bragging about shit he didn’t have. He was a producer, a lyricist and an artist. And he’s gone.

Life is short and fleeting as we all know. His last performance being his first in fifteen years, and he rocked it, just like he rocked a party back then. It might have embarrassed some of you to watch your parents, aunts, uncles or brothers and sisters old enough to remember what it felt like to go to a house party and dance without the bumpin’ and grindin’ booty-shaking that passes as dancing now.

The passing of Heavy D doesn’t encompass all the reasons of why hip hop today has gone on a downward spiral, in my view, since we reached the 2000’s. There are way more factors. But it does hit home listening to all his old songs, really listening to them now that it has hit that he will no longer come out with anything else besides his latest and now unfortunately, last album “Love Opus”.  Hip hop lost its way once artists and lyricists went out the window and unrealistic stories became reality. It lost its way when lyrics saying “ok, jump off a building/jump out a window/smoke like a junky/and fuck like a nympho.” are repeated in statuses, in actions and viewed as hot (what the FUCK is Lil’ Wayne talking about 95% of the time??).  This post alone won’t hold all my opinions, so I’m breaking it down in sections because I have a lot say on my view on this…

Stay tuned crumbsnatchers.